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What to expect during your first visit to the therapist

1. Your First Visit

An initial consultation will last roughly 1 hour consisting of a subjective assessment, physical assessment and clinical diagnosis. Following which we will outline your treatment plan with a rough estimate as to the frequency of and how many follow up appointments you require.

2. Subjective Assessment

On your initial visit you will be asked questions about your general health, medical history and current complaint. Here we look to understand your problem as much as possible and what your aims are regarding your treatment to ensure the process is transparent.

3. Physical Assessment

This will consist of a full biomechanical assessment where we will look at general posture, muscle tension as well as specific biomechanical tests so we can determine what structures are causing the problem and what is contribution to it.

4. Diagnosis & Explanation

Here your condition will be diagnosed and explained in full so you understand how and why you have incurred the pain / injury. Often models and pictures of the joint / muscles involved will be used so you are left with a clear idea as to what is going on.

5. Follow Up Treatment

If you need more than one session we will book them at your convenience. These will involve continued treatment of your condition and the provision and explanation of rehabilitation exercises for you to carry out at home so you can speed up your recovery.

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For more information or advice please do not hesitate to contact City Rehab . Regardless of your activity level and ability we offer tailored treatment that is specifically designed for you to meet your needs and goals. Call today or drop us an email.